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Our Activities

African Orphans

Believing she is “a pen in God’s mighty hands, with which He  writes love letters to the African orphans,” Dr. Reni Adebayo-Ige through her non-profit organization, Reni Ministries, created the African Orphans Educational Scholarship, through which she raises funds to educate and economically empowers some orphan children in Africa.

African Orphans Educational Fund had previously sponsored children and teens from Uganda, Mauritania and Burundi but currently sponsors some orphans in Nigeria and Sierra Leone, ranging from elementary to college levels.

National Motherhood Award (NMA)

In May of each year, RENI MINISTRIES honors mothers by giving them Recognition Awards in appreciation of the various ways they have given back to their churches and communities as a whole. Selected women from different occupations, whose roles are proven and well acknowledged, are invited to the National Motherhood Award Dinner for recognition and citation. The occasion is also used to sensitize them to the plight of orphans in Africa with the aim that they may serve as distant mothers to them, either through sponsorship or fundraising.

Camden Christmas Outreach

In partnership with Volunteers of America, a non-profit organization that caters to families in need of shelter, Reni Ministries host an annual Christmas Party in their facilities at Camden, NJ where families are sheltered. In addition to throwing a fun-filled creative party for the residents, Reni Ministries donates items, such as toys, diapers or children and adult clothings.

Annual Christmas Party for Children & Teens

From 2002 to 2017, Reni Ministries hosted, in collaboration with churches in the Delaware Valley (Philadelphia, Delaware and Southern New Jersey), an annual inter-denominational Christmas party for children and teens. Each year, participants are encouraged to display their diverse talents and to celebrate the Christmas season in a loving environment. More so, the opportunities to present help to build courage and leadership skills in them.

Working with a team of eight men and women and other young adults on the planning committee, the party grew from about 45 children and teens from inception to over 250 children and teens annually upon its sunset in 2017.

Basketball Community Outreach

A very vital component of Reni Ministries is the Basketball Community Outreach where every summer, Reni Ministries hosts about 50-75 youths on a competitive 3 on 3-basketball tournament. Participants range from ages 10 and above. This affords another opportunity to serve our community in a new and exciting way, as we engage the underserved youths via sports. The objective however, is to use sports to capture the minds of the inner city youths for Christ.